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The Brantford Kinsmen have many wonderful Websites to Advertise on, we would like to invite you to Advertise on one. Website Advertisement can lead to an increase in your sales.

Website Advertisement

We are inviting you to advertise your company's logo on our site(s). We in the past did not advertise on our site, but because of many requests to advertise on our site we figured that it is an alternative way to raise money for charity. Advertising with us is a good value for your advertising dollar. With this cost we place your company's logo on our advertising sites with a clickable link to your site. These sites are quite well viewed and can potentially bring you a significant increase in sales of your product. Others that do advertise with us have shown a significant increase in sales. Certain other sites are exclusively held for event Sponsorship. Feel free to browse our other advertising sites listed below.

Website Advertising Costs

6 month term
  • Logo on 1 site - $30.00/mo.
  • Logo on 2 sites - $56.00/mo.
  • Logo on 3 sites - $78.00/mo.
  • Logo on 4 sites - $96.00/mo.
  • Logo on 5 sites - $110.00/mo.
  • Logo on 6 sites - $120.00/mo.
1 year term
  • Logo on 1 site - $25.00/mo.
  • Logo on 2 sites - $46.00/mo.
  • Logo on 3 sites - $63.00/mo.
  • Logo on 4 sites - $76.00/mo.
  • Logo on 5 sites - $85.00/mo.
  • Logo on 6 sites - $90.00/mo.
Website Advertisement can be customized to meet the goals of the Advertisers and Kinsmen of Brantford Inc. welcomes the opportunity to work with you on maximizing every Advertisement opportunity. Browse through a few of our Advertisement pages and Sponsorship opportunities to help you choose your avenue of Advertisement.

If you are interested in advertising, please send us a letter stating which site(s) you wish to be advertised on and a Check payable to:

C/O: Kinsmen Club of Brantford Inc.
303 - 255 Colborne St., E.
Brantford, On.
N3T 2H3

Disclaimer: Although advertising should bring you more potential customers and sales, we do not represent nor claim that advertising with us will bring you more sales/increase in viewers.

* Sites & Prices are subject to change without notice.

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